So how did it go? We wrote a grant proposal! We have about 9000 new words that have been revised by each of us several times so they’re of reasonably high quality. To be completely honest we have achieved more than I had dared to believe was possible in the time

Anna Cox, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, University College London.

Read more about Anna’s experience here Reflections on a Writing Retreat,

The article I was working on at the writing retreat was accepted. It was such a positive and productive work experience. I’d definitely recommend it as a way to do focussed writing. Thank you Maureen 🙂

Dr Fiona Morrison Lecturer, Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection, University of Stirling

Not having to worry about anything but writing is fantastic, PhD Student

Great atmosphere and I like the timings… lovely manner of facilitator, Research Fellow

I left feeling that writing was productive and bounded. I did what I had hoped, Lecturer

Love the structure, the group dynamic, the space, Lecturer

Really useful and productive experience; structure really helpful and great to be given permission to stop writing. Facilitator was excellent, Lecturer