The Joy of Writing

Ongoing collaboration between Maureen K. Michael and Rowena Murray has led to The Joy of Writing. This exciting publication takes an entirely new approach to the study of academic writing practices. The Joy of Writing combines Rowena’s new writing with Maureen’s original drawings in a mesmerising exploration of writing in contemporary academia. See some of the drawings in Gallery Joy.

Rowena and Maureen discuss their motivation and the key ideas behind their book.


£10.00 (+ £2.00 UK p&p)

Limited edition of 250 [148 x 210 mm; 80 pages]

I absolutely love this. It’s honest and a little funny too. So many of the themes, habits and practices really resonated with me. The whole design, with its rhythm of blank pages, illustrations and text, will really engage early career academics in particular.

Gary Bratchford, President of the Visual Sociology Research committee, International Sociological Association


100% cotton, one size

£10.00 (+ £2.00 UK p&p)